Property Advisory

“If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking.”

General George Patton

Property advisory combines in-depth knowledge of property development, planning controls, economic conditions, property market dynamics, and financial modelling to assist our clients in leveraging optimum value and benefit from their property portfolio.


[b1] management group have the expertise to provide independent property advisory services including;


  • comprehensive review of property portfolios, identifying opportunities to maximise commercial value, enhance operational performance and efficiency, and leverage urban amenity benefits from redundant, underutilsed and / or underperforming assets;


  • thorough due diligence assessment of prospective property acquisitions, analysing ‘highest and best use’ development options and assessing related opportunities, constraints and risk profiles;


  • preparation of site specific or portfolio focused acquisition, development and divestment strategies, including market condition assessment, product & pricing analysis, target market identification, competitor analysis, market placement, and divestment channel assessment; and


  • implementation of endorsed acquisition, development and divestment strategies.


If you are a private investor or public sector owner seeking to leverage the greatest possible return and benefit from your existing assets, or wish to prepare and execute a strategic acquisition, development and / or divestment strategy, contact us  to discuss how [b1] management group can assist.