Project Management

“Plans are only good intentions, unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.”

Peter Druker

The cornerstone of [b1] management group, we provide professional project management services to multiple industries. Our expertise includes the planning, design, procurement and delivery of capital works projects of varying scale and complexity.


The effective management of scope, time, capital cost, quality, risk and commercial value underpins everything we do. As our clients trusted representative, we focus upon initiatives to minimise design and delivery costs, delivery timeframes and future operational costs, whilst continually seeking ways to maximise capital value and ongoing operational performance and flexibility.


We have the demonstrated expertise to clearly define, plan and execute successful project delivery, ultimately ensuring that client and stakeholder expectations are met or exceeded.  


If you are preparing to commence delivery of a critical project, or have an existing project which would benefit from a fresh perspective or additional resources to drive completion, contact us to discuss how [b1] management group can assist.